The Secrets of Win Goals and Loss Limits

Pssst…! Wanna know a secret?

How about the secrets of win goals and loss limits?

Many crapshooters will just walk 918kiss up to a table and just keep on playing until they lose all of their money. It doesn’t matter if they get $100 ahead or even $500 ahead – they just keep on playing until they run out of cash.

Wanna know why craps pros always use win goals and loss limits?

Let’s find out!

The reason why you need a win goal is because tables fluctuate. You can be $100 up one moment and $100 down the next, so you need an easy way to know when to stop and leave with a profit.

Your win goal should be based on your individual session money, and should be 30% of your buy in. For example if you buy in with $100 and are $30 ahead you should quit. Leave the table and go to your room, or have lunch. Be precise. Be disciplined. Follow your plan! Set a win goal and stick to it!

If you keep on playing until you lose all of your money you will do exactly that. When you play craps you need a definite, unchangeable win goal – something you can “shoot” for! You can’t just play haphazardly and hope to win thousands from one $5 bet on a monster roll.

The opposite of a win goal is a loss limit, and it’s also 30% – very easy to remember! So, if you buy in for $100, you need to leave when you win or lose $30. If you buy in for $500 you leave when you win or lose $150.

You need a loss limit because if you play thinking that you brought $100 so the most you can lose is $100, then you certainly will lose it all. A lot of people bring $500 to a casino expecting to lose. It doesn’t bother them because it was “extra” money that they could afford to spend on entertainment. So they break it up into five sessions of $100 each and just keep on playing until it’s all gone. Wouldn’t it be better to come home with $350 ($500 – $150) rather than nothing?

One of the cardinal rules of craps is to increase your bets while winning but decrease them while losing. But when many people start losing, they keep on playing as if nothing was different, or worse, they keep increasing their bets.
Don’t do it! You need a loss limit, and you need to stick to it.


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